Sandy Hook Massacre: BOP & Dignity in Schools’ Response

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January 28, 2013 by mishagabrielle

The Black Organizing Project was devastated by the violence that shook our hearts last month. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut was senseless and there is nothing more devastating than the deaths of innocent children. Like most random acts of violence it shatters our sense of safety and security, and that’s when fear takes over. It’s at that point that we look for a quick response and an immediate solution to make us feel in control. Unfortunately that response has prompted some of our local, state, and federal politicians to push for more police, and in some cases, even more military presence in our schools. But how many police would it take to make us feel safe, and at what cost? How can we even consider inviting more guns into our communities and into our schools? Will we soon replace teachers with armed guards? Will money for books and counselors be spent on surveillance? We don’t believe that modeling schools after prisons will make them safer. What we believe is that we can increase safety through investment in programs that work, teachers that care, counselors that are equipped, and opportunities for parents to be real partners in bettering our school system. This is why we support DSC and other allies who are pushing for more creative solutions to violence reduction.

See the Dignity in Schools Campaign Letter to Biden on Sandy Hook

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