Events / Fundraising Committee
Throughout the year, the events committee leads BOP in staying up to date on events in the Oakland community as well as hosting a number of our own events. The Events committee promotes arts, culture, political education, and community building as an essential part of re-building the foundation of the Black community. The fund raising component is charged with being the grassroots monetary apparatus of the Black OrganizingProject. Member volunteers create innovative approaches to raising funds.Through our innovative grassroots approaches our members and the community are empowered by contributing to the financial sustainability of the Black Organizing Project to advance our vision of racial and economic justice.

Membership Development Committee
All prospective members must go through a membership approval process before they become “official” members. The membership development committee was formed to oversee that process, approve members in a timely manner and get members active in the organization. One of the central goals of BOP, and a very important function of the MembershipDevelopment committee, is leadership development. The committee is charged with creating opportunities to develop and educate members and to encourage members to educate each other. In line with that, BOP members practice skill sharing, provide each other with information on attaining resources, and are provided with an environment where they can expand their political education.

Communications Committee
The communications committee is full of talented member volunteers that know or would like to learn multimedia skills to produce written, audio and visual documentation for the Black Organizing Project to distribute to our membership and the Black community at large. The communications committee produces the Black Organizing Project’s yearly calendar,quarterly newsletters, event fliers, posters, brochures, website, T-shirts,develops and maintains the media press list, BOP’s list-serve and online social networking sites. Members are given opportunities to attend trainings for development and are encouraged to be creative in producing media that effectively reaches the masses.

Outreach / Resource Committee
The outreach wing of this committee was the first committee formed by BOP. Its goal is to build the base of the Black Organizing Project, to recruit members and supporters and connect to the issues and values that come from the community members themselves. The outreach committee is one of the first places new members go to develop skills in door-knocking, street outreach, one-on-ones, and phone banking. BOP members and supporters assisting in outreach have put in hundreds of volunteer hours. BOP is doing outreach in East, West, North and Downtown Oakland Members have hit the streets, knocked on doors, and tabled events. We have outreached at churches, schools, service organizations, youth organizations and businesses. Wherever the community is at you will find BOP. We look forwards to continuing our commitment to reaching out and inviting members of our community who are ready and willing to work for social change and to be part of an organization that values their leadership. The resource wing acts as the direct line or link to connecting our members with community resources. We share and circulate resources from the community to our members. Examples are job announcements, community events, health services and social services.




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