Membership Types and Benefits

All Member Benefits:

  • Free BOP T-Shirt (received upon first dues payment)
  • 50% off of BOP events
  • Voting privileges at membership meetings and steering committee elections
  • Access to BOP membership meetings
  • Receive BOP newsletter
  • Belong to a large network of people committed to social justice and building a healthy Black community

Membership Requirements for All BOP members:

  • Agree with the mission and vision of BOP:
  • Pay monthly membership dues of $10/Month ($3/month for qualified youth; Those who are able are encouraged to pay $15 or $20 month)
  • Live in northern California
  • Be a part of the African-American/Black Diaspora
  • Fill out a membership application
  • Attend a new member orientation
  • Be approved by the membership development committee
  • Use gifts, talents, and resources to help build the Black community
  • Willingness to be part of a community and work as a team

General BOP Membership Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • $10 a month for dues

Youth BOP Membership Requirements:

  • Must be between 12-24 years old
  • Must be a student (proof of school ID required)
  • $3/month for dues

Baby BOP Membership:

  • Must be 0-11 years old
  • Must have an adult family member involved in BOP
  • FREE membership dues!
  • Be raised up in a conscious environment that will nurture youth development

Family Membership:

If three (3) or more people in your household are members of BOP you could qualify for a family membership rate. For more information contact Jackie Byers or another Fundraising Committee representative. Find out how you can get your family membership today!


Once my membership is approved how do I pay my dues?

Once your membership is approved you will receive a call from the internal organizer to set up an appointment to sign your handbook, receive your membership t-shirt, get active in a committee and pay your first installment of membership dues!

The most convenient way to keep up with your dues is to sign up online for the reoccurring dues payment. Please contact Jasmine Jones for assistance with signing up for an automatic payment plan.

Dues paid by cash or check must be collected by the 15th day of each month in order to process it by the end of the month

Who should I contact if I need help with paying my dues?

Contact Jasmine Jones at 510-517-2185



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