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BABY BOP- A Program of The Black Organizing Project

The Black Organizing Project emphasizes the importance of developing community leaders. Our youth play a defining role in our community and it’s the decisions we make for them today that shape their tomorrow. We believe that youth of all ages should be given a well-rounded education that goes beyond classrooms- one that is tailored to the personal experiences of Black youth, and gives them the life-skills they need.

BABY BOP will take Black youth, ages 4-11, through a series of workshops focused on the following subject-areas:

Social Skills & Communication
Self-Management & Planning
Black History & Self-Love and

BABY BOP will give our youngest community members a foundation for becoming future leaders.

Apply Now! The Program Starts In Spring!
Fill out the form below to apply for participation in the first BABY BOP class, scheduled to begin this spring! Our BABY BOP program coordinators will review all of the applications and eligible applicants will be contacted with further details about the program. Space is limited and priority is given to BOP member families.

Application Deadline(s):
Spring 2012- December 31, 2012

*All applications should be completed and submitted by the deadline

Introductory Meeting– December 1st
In addition to filling out the program application, you will be asked to attend the BABY BOP Introductory Meeting on Saturday, December 1, 2012 from 12pm – 2pm at the BOP Member Center located at 111 Fairmount Ave, Ste. 501, Oakland, CA 94611.

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